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Suspension repairs Norwich

A vehicles suspension components are designed to work together in limiting vibrations from the road surface to give the driver a smooth ride.

Your vehicle suspension is constantly in use keeping your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface. Gradual wear and damage to components making up your suspension can make faults tricky to detect. That’s why you can bring your vehicle into Swiftfit for a free suspension check if you believe that your vehicle suspension is faulty.

Our suspension repair service is affordable and undertaken by experienced professionals with over 50years’ valued experiencein the industry. We are able to repair suspension on all makes and model of car and van.

Our Swiftfit vehicle service centres stock a range of replacement parts suitable to repair your vehicles suspension.

Shock Absorbers

The shock absorber is an integral component of vehicle suspension. Primarily, it’s function is to keep your wheels in contact with the ground at all times by absorbing the energy from the coil spring.

Signs that your shock absorbers are not functioning correctly could be poor handling, a bouncy ride or a tight, stiff ride, knocking noise.

Due to high amounts of wear and tear, shock absorber life will eventually come to an end. Swiftfit supply and fit high quality shock absorbers for all makes and model of car. If your shock absorbers are causing your vehicle to give a poor ride come and visit Swiftfit for high quality replacements at a low cost.

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